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Apache Cordova



After unpacking the apk, the apache Cordova config file is located in ./res/xml/config.xml .

Local Storage

Cordova usesย google/leveldbย for Local Storage of data. On Android, LevelDB is located atย /data/data/<package_name>/app_webview/Default/Local\ Storage/leveldb/Storage/leveldb/

Remote Debugging Cordova Apps in Chrome

  1. Hook android.webkit.WebView to enable debugging
  2. Create a frida script to patch WebViews to be debuggable.
    Java.perform(function () {
        var Webview = Java.use("android.webkit.WebView")
        Webview.loadUrl.overload("java.lang.String").implementation = function (url) {
            console.log("\n[+]Loading URL from", url);
            console.log("[+]Setting the value of setWebContentsDebuggingEnabled() to TRUE");
            this.loadUrl.overload("java.lang.String").call(this, url);
  3. Start the application with hooking in place frida -U -l hookWebViews.js -f <application_name>
  4. Inside chrome, navigate to chrome://inspect

From: Debugging Cordova Applications (


  • Check JavaScript includes and iframes for resources fetched remotely1
    • HSTS configured?
    • CSP Policy?
  • Are allows lists enabled? 4
    • Overly permissive origin allow list?
    • Network Request Allow List?
    • Navigation Allow List?
    • Intent Allow List?
  • Is data encrypted at rest? 2
  • Is InAppBrowser used to render links outside of the website 3
  • is Certificate pinning implemented?
  • Check for traditional SSL Issues 3
  • is RootDetection implemented?
  • Check for XSS issues. Cordova translates JavaScript calls to native Android Calls. XSS in a Cordova app could lead to a complete compromise of the application.
  • Check for un-safe use of eval in custom code
  • Check Installed Plugins