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Hack All The Things

Isn't this just a nerfed HackTricks?

This repo is my personal repertoire of technology and security-related notes since day one in the field. It is also my attempt to give back to the infosec community. It has all the references, checklists, cheat sheets, and notes I use daily. I forgot to say, I am very forgetful 🙋‍♂️. So, I am probably the person who uses this the most 👀. I hope this repo can help you as much as it does help me.

I don't think of myself just as a security person 🦝. I am a learner. You will find notes on technical writing, scoping, soft skills, software engineering, development, system design, and server administration. In addition, to the good old security notes.

Online book

The markdown book of this repo has search functionality, collapsing nav bars, and some other good stuff.

Markdown book is hosted at