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# SSH to device
# mobile user password is set when you first install Sileo
ssh [email protected] 

# Transfer files from Phone to desktop
scp root@localhost:/tmp/hi.txt .

# List installed applications
ideviceinstaller -l

# Sign iOS application
cd /var/containers/Bundle/Application
# Identify Bundle Id for the app, in my case the app name is dvia
ls | grep diva -i -B 2
cd F6CB934B-C989-4FB3-BD08-58F339BEF448
ldid -S

Install Fake IPAs

Refer to: Setting Up iPhone 8 — iOS 16.2— for testing: palera1n, Sileo, Burp, Frida, Objection ,and more [2023] ( 1. Inside, Sileo add as source. 2. From the new packages install appinst and appsync Unified 3. Inside an SSH shell appinst /var/root/<application_name>.ipa

Alternatively, - Use Sideloadly - iOS & Apple Silicon Sideloading

Alternatively, - Download TrollStore helper using Sileo - Use TrollStore to intall the app From: An bug in the ElleKit code injection framework causes AppSync Unified to not work correctly on some jailbreak environments (※ Dopamine, palera1n-c in -l rootless mode, etc.) in certain configurations · Issue #174 · akemin-dayo/AppSync · GitHub

Get Device UDID

  1. Open up the latest version of iTunes and connect your iOS device to your computer.
  2. Select your iOS device by clicking the device’s image located at the upper-left corner of iTunes’s UI.
  3. On the next screen, a window should appear listing your phone’s Capacity, Phone Number, and Serial Number.
  4. By clicking on Serial Number once, the prompt should change to display your UDID.

Signed ipsws

Restart the SpringBoard from SSH

ssh [email protected]

killall -9 SpringBoard

# Not always needed, test the previous command first

Install Old Versions of iOS App