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GCP Assessement


# Get current logged in account
gcloud config get-value account

# List roles and bindings — project level
gcloud projects get-iam-policy <project>

# Get role for compute instance
gcloud projects get-iam-policy <compute_instance_name>

# Describe Role in terms of granular permissions
gcloud iam roles describe <role> --project <project> 

# Scoutesuite
python3 gcp --user-account | tee <client>.scoutsuite

Priv Esc Learning Resources

Tutorial on privilege escalation and post exploitation tactics in Google Cloud Platform environments | GitLab Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Service Account-based Privilege Escalation paths - Praetorian Lateral Movement & Privilege Escalation in GCP; Compromise Organizations without Dropping an Implant - YouTube RhinoSecurityLabs/GCP-IAM-Privilege-Escalation: A collection of GCP IAM privilege escalation methods documented by the Rhino Security Labs team. ( GCP Pentesting - HackTricks Cloud

Hardening Resources

GCP Best practices | GitLab