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Static Analysis

Static Analysis

Decompile APK to Java Source Code

  • Unzip APK -> Convert DEX to JAR -> Convert Jar to java src files
  • or automate the process using apkx
  • Open decompiled code in Android Studio
  • Delete the created Android Studio files by default
  • Copy the decompiled Java src code to the Java folder

Reverse Engineering Native Libraries

  • Are native libraries used? Look for keywords JavaSystem.loadLibrary
  • Look for .so file in the libs/ directory
  • Search for the function offset in file
    readelf  -W -s | grep Java
  • Load library into any disassembler

Dump Strings

Dump Strings from DEX file

  • unzip to extract DEX file using
    unzip UnCrackable-Level1.apk -d UnCrackable-Level1
  • Load DEX file into ghidra or use dextra
    dextra -S classes.dex
  • Search for keywords such as passwords, keys, seceret, etc...

Dump Strings from native code


Misc Ideas

  • Check android documentation for releveant APIs that can be used for this application and search for those

Use Static Analyzers

Dynamic Analysis

Information Gathering

  • If using unrooted device, use objection to patch APK [[Frida & Objection cheatsheet]]
  • List open files for specified process
    lsof -p 7894
  • List open connections for specified process
    cat /proc/7894/net/tcp
  • List connections using netstat
    netstat -ntpl   
    # or
    ss -lntp
  • List loaded native libraries
    cat /proc/7894/maps
  • Sandbox Inspection: The application data is stored in a sandboxed directory present at /data/data/<app_package_name>

Debugging with jdb

  • Make application show up as debuggable using magsik ```bash adb shell su resetprop ro.debuggable 1 stop start ````
  • Setup JDP [[adb Cheatsheet#Debug Debuggable Application with JDP]]
  • Start jdb is suspended state

Debug APK with Android Studio

  • Decompile project using jadx-gui)
  • Save src files
  • Create new android studio project
  • Replace src files there with decompiled src files
  • On the device, choose the app as debug app on the "Developer options" (Uncrackable1 in this tutorial), and make sure you've switched on the "Wait For Debugger" feature.
  • Set breakpoint at main activity onCreate to bypass root and debugging checks

Dynamic Analysis


Dynamic Analysis on Non-Rooted Devices

  • Patch the apk -> include frida gadget library -> objection communicates with frida gadget api
# Download the Uncrackable APK
$ wget
# Patch the APK with the Frida Gadget
$ objection patchapk --source UnCrackable-Level1.apk
# Install the patched APK on the android phone
$ adb install UnCrackable-Level1.objection.apk
# After running the mobile phone, objection will detect the running frida-server through the APK
$ objection explore

Native Code Tracing

  • use frida-trace and jnitrace to trace native code calls [[Frida & Objection cheatsheet#Trace Native Calls]]

Tampering and Runtime Instrumentation

Patching, Repackaging, and Re-Signing

  • Unpack apk
    apktool d target_apk.apk
  • Modify the manifest or code
  • Repackage the APK
    cd UnCrackable-Level1
    apktool b
    zipalign -v 4 dist/UnCrackable-Level1.apk ../UnCrackable-Repackaged.apk
  • Generate Code signing certificate
    keytool -genkey -v -keystore ~/.android/debug.keystore -alias signkey -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 -validity 20000
  • Re-sign the APK
    jarsigner -verbose -keystore ~/.android/debug.keystore ./UnCrackable-Repackaged.apk signkey
    zipalign -v 4 ./UnCrackable-Level1.apk ./UnCrackable-Repackaged-Signed.apk  
  • Start the app "Developer options" contain the useful "Wait for Debugger" feature, which allows you to automatically suspend an app doing startup until a JDWP debugger connects

Patching React Native applications

Extract JS file

  • Main Application code saved at assets/
  • Beautify the file using JStillery ( . Note: use CLI version to avoid code disclosure to 3rd party

Patch JS file

  • Unpack the APK archive using apktool tool
  • Copy the content of the file assets/ into a temporary file.
  • Use JStillery to beautify and deobfuscate the content of the temporary file.
  • Put the patched code on a single line and copy it in the original assets/ file.
  • Repack the APK archive using apktool

Library Injection

Patching the Application's Smali Code

  • An Android application's decompiled smali code can be patched to introduce a call to System.loadLibrary
    const-string v0, "inject"
    invoke-static {v0}, Ljava/lang/System;->loadLibrary(Ljava/lang/String;)V
  • Insert the previous code early in the App life cycle such as onCreate
  • add the library in the respective architecture folder
  • resign the application

Patching Application's Native Library

  • Use LIEF ( to patch elf libraries
    libnative = lief.parse("")
    libnative.add_library("") # Injection!

Preloading Symbols

  • Please note that if the library to be preloaded does not have SELinux context assigned, from Android 5.0 (API level 21) onwards, you need to disable SELinux to make LD_PRELOAD work, which may require root.
    setprop LD_PRELOAD=/data/local/tmp/

Dynamic Instrumentation

  • Frida List classes methods js

    // Get list of loaded Java classes and methods
    // Filename: java_class_listing.js
    Java.perform(function() {
    onMatch: function(className) {
    onComplete: function() {}
    // Get the methods and fields
    function describeJavaClass(className) {
    var jClass = Java.use(className);
    _name: className,
    _methods: Object.getOwnPropertyNames(jClass.__proto__).filter(function(m) {
    return !m.startsWith('$') // filter out Frida related special properties
    || m == 'class' || m == 'constructor' // optional
    _fields: jClass.class.getFields().map(function(f) {
    return( f.toString());
    }, null, 2));

  • Run the frida script on the pid [[Frida & Objection cheatsheet]]

Process Exploration

  • List devices with frida
  • [[r2frida cheatsheet#Start the binary with r2frida]]
  • [[r2frida cheatsheet#Explore the binary with r2frida]]
  • Explore binary with objection
    objection --gadget sg.vantagepoint.helloworldjni explore
  • Explore modules in memory with objection memory list modules
  • Dump memory fridump
    python3 -U sg.vantagepoint.helloworldjni
  • Extract strings from dump strings *