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Crypto APIs

Identify encryption mechanisms

Keywords to look for

  • DES, AES
  • specifications for a key generator (like KeyGenParameterSpec, KeyPairGeneratorSpec, KeyPairGenerator, KeyGenerator, KeyProperties
  • classes using*, javax.crypto.*,* and* packages

Check if symmetric keys are not:

  • part of application resources
  • values which can be derived from known values
  • hardcoded in code

Identify custom crypto implementations

Look for keywords
  • classes Cipher, Mac, MessageDigest, Signature
  • interfaces Key, PrivateKey, PublicKey, SecretKey
  • functions getInstance, generateKey
  • exceptions KeyStoreException, CertificateException, NoSuchAlgorithmException
  • classes which uses*, javax.crypto.*,* and* packages.

Look for calls

  • getInstance that don't use default provider of security services or null

Identify crypto purposes

  • encrypt/decrypt: ensures confidentiality of data
  • sign/verify: ensures integrity of data
  • maintance: protects key during an operation

Testing Random Number Generators

  • Is Securerandom always used for RNG generator
  • Is the seed for the generator explicitily specified?
  • Look for uses of java.util.Random